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Sunday, 12:30-3PM



To learn Christian endurance one step at a time: loving Jesus, learning the Bible, serving God.


We accept teens 13-18, or students in 7th-12th grades. We also welcome parent involvement and attendance.

What's it like?

Youth group is a time of love, challenge, encouragement, and fun. We play sports, card games, ping pong. We eat food. We study the Bible and worship.


Hey, we all face different challenges. Life is full of ups and downs. We just want you to know that we care. Send us a message. Let us know how you are doing, and if we can help. If you want to talk directly, text pastor James at 407.772.2120. 


September 25: memorize Genesis 1:26, quiz over Genesis 1, read Genesis 2

October 2: memorize Genesis 2:24, quiz over Genesis 2, read Genesis 3

October 9: memorize Genesis 3:15, quiz over Genesis 3, read Genesis 4-5

October 30: memorize Genesis 8:22, quiz over Genesis 4-5, read Genesis 6-9

November 6: memorize Genesis 11:4, quiz over Genesis 6-9, read Genesis 10-11

November 13: Superior Care and more . . .

November 20: memorize Genesis 12:3, quiz over Genesis 10-11, read Genesis 12-15